Preparing A Lease for your Owner/Landlord

If you are going to prepare leases for your owner/landlord, you need to do it right. I am going to educate you on leases in the next few blogs and maybe creat a series. I have seen several leases where this section is left blank. In the Texas Association of Realtor forms, this is paragraph 34 F. Im sure all states have a section on the lease, in the case of death, giving access to the named person. Yes it can be a rare situation where all the adult residents die, yet it is a possible situation.

Who will take possession of the personal belongings? Who will take responsibility of the lease? Who will vacate and clean the house? The person named in this paragraph. This person cannot be the other adult members residing in the house. This is not an emergency contact section. I usually put my husband as my emergency contact, but wait, we live together. The contact person can be family or friends residing somewhere else, whom the residents can trust to go through their belongings.

I require the residents to give me this information when I prepare the lease. I do not leave it up to them to fill out. So when the lease is submitted for signature, this paragraph is filled out in completion, including name, address, email and phone number.