Air Filter

It is a mystery why people don’t invest in real estate, despite having the means to invest. It is understandable that the fears of big maintenance may hinder someone from deciding to invest. However, precautions can be taken before the investment: e.g. get an inspection completed with a reputable inspection company, buy a home warranty for appliances – costs for home warranty are nominal compared to the benefits.

Once the bases are covered and investment is made, there are few simple things that can keep the major costs away. I will discuss one of those simple things – Air Filter for HVAC. Replacing air filter regularly has benefits:

  1. Quality of air in the house will be better as a good filter will keep most of the contaminants out of the house. People with allergies will see a marked benefit in the symptoms. Savings on health bill, anyone?
  2. A clean air filter will save on utility costs as the HVAC system will run more efficiently without having to fight through the dirt clogged filter.
  3. Efficiently running HVAC system means longer life span for the system thus avoiding costly maintenance, repairs or replacement. Getting few extra years from an expensive system is well worth the cost of few extra air filters.

Replacing air filter on regular schedules for HVAC system is similar to getting regular physical checkup for human beings – avoid costly repairs and catch minor things before they become huge.

By your PMI Star of Texas Team